Health Viewer - loading
7 years ago

I have just updated the health viewer tool, it can support loading game and leech hunter. To use it with a load game, you have to select "load game" and then select the character who did the last save. Same thing for leech hunter (load game -> rebecca). About boss hp, once you select load game, the combo box become enable, you can simply select the boss you want. Please tell me if you noticed any glitch...

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First off, I want to thank you for building this tool! Using it while practicing should be a huge help.

I've noticed though that, most of the time, when I have the tool running and I start a new game, the tool will show Billy as having 150 health and Rebecca as having 0 health. If I carry on and find Billy on the train, Rebecca's health will then show as 250 in the tool and Billy's will still show as 150. I've been playing around with the tool trying to see if I can find a consistent work around but so far I haven't had any luck. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Some hopefully helpful information:

  • I'm using the 1.01 version of the tool that I found in the Resources page (
  • I'm trying to practice Easy runs. The tool seems to only show normal and hard, could this be an issue?
  • I'm playing the Steam version of the game on PC (the latest version).
  • When I opened the tool I clicked on "Normal", "New Game" and "Rebecca" before starting a new game.
  • One good thing to share: The health consistently reflects correctly in the tool when I start a new game after closing the game entirely and then launching it again from the Steam desktop app.
  • I'm using live split with auto splits.
  • I'm not using any mods for the game (such as door skip).

Thank you and again, thanks for creating this tool