Chinese Crash Bypass Tool
4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I just publish a new tool, the Chinese Crash Bypass. This tool is usefull for european runners (like me), because the game keep crashing when you want to start a new game in Simplified Chinese (the fastest language).

How to use it :

  • Launch the game
  • Select the Simplified Chinese language
  • Go back to the menu
  • Run the tool as administrator

I tested it in a whole run, no problem detected, except once you clear a run, you have to set again the language

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Just for clarifying, to solve my problem on PS4, I re-bought the Resident Evil Origins, but this time the USA Phisical version (ID: 2100549), then created a new PSN User account on the same PS4 with United States location, then installed the new REoriginins game while being logged in the US account and finally "Checked for Update" to install the patch 1.01. I'm from UK, neither the European REorigings Phisical version (ID: CUSA02882) nor the Digital copy of RE0 bought from UK PSN store have ever received the Patch/Update. Just create a US user with European copies is not enough to receive it either. I hope this can help other runners.

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United Kingdom

As far as the Chinese update goes, starting to believe as far as PS4 goes it is either a bug on their end (PSN's) or some kind of detection based on IP for distribution, and certain territories are exempt from the distribution. I'd be leaning more towards a bug because certain territories not getting it just makes no sense and who has been getting it and who hasn't seems inconsistent.

I have an official Japanese and English copy of this game for PS4, and no matter how I try to get the update it just will not work. Same with Resident Evil HD Remaster.

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Hi @Liv I do actually live in UK just like you and now I can play with Chinese in my PS4.The way I solved this was:

  1. create an US account,
  2. buy an US phisical copy (Digital should work as well)
  3. Install it while logged with the US account
  4. Chech for updates and install the patch 1.01
  5. Switch back to UK account, and finally play and run.

Is you Japanese copy phisical or digital? but more important.. have you installed it in your Japanese account and checked for updates? Also you Japanese account must be primary account for the console.


I just added a diferent version (1.0.1), another runner experienced as you then I update the tool