Scorpion Skip Setup
6 years ago

Hello everyone, Maybe you know already, Sovietboss found a skip with the scorpion. I worked on it, and here is a video of how to do it properly. Only works on 30 FPS.


Hey guys, yeah this is an interesting one which could lead to possible other sequence breaks on 30fps.

Anyway, I'll explain possible other sequence breaks if you'd like to help me:

  • 30 fps extends iframes when picking up items.
  • 30 fps granted greater teleportation pushes when picking up items i.e. next to the steam.
  • The invisible box floor is already on the roof where the crows are.

I will be testing the teleportation glitch on the fire at the train wreckage in case that sequence break in viable too; however i'm not sure if the lift has an event trigger. In theory, since enemies spawn in the train wreckage, when you pick up and item a zombie could push you into the fire when the event resolves?

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Any additional info here? I follow setup sometimes it works but usually dont even when doing it exactly the same