[PC] Game Speed ?
2 years ago

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well

I've been wanting to get serious on the game for quite a while now and one thing I can't wrap my head around is the game speed.

How do you differenciate 1.0x from 1.2x exactly and what causes the speed difference ? Could anyone tell me what game speed I'm running based of this video ?

Side question : I'm running under Wine 'cause I use Linux, is it okay ? Doesn't look like there's any issue aside for some graphical but I'm hardly knowledgeable ?

Thanks in advance for the kind answers :)


Hello, according to the video you have ± 1.2 speed (i think your game is lagging a bit - on twitch I had worse results than just on record) Difference a 1.0 from 1.2, frames per second. For 1.0 - 60fps, 1.2 - 72fps. Sometimes you need to disable v-sync for 1.2, but this is not for all video cards. Side question - I don't know.

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I'm not a pc runner but I've heard that the refresh rate of the monitor causes it to either run 1.0x or 1.2x speed. As for the speed in the video. At first it seems to be 1.2x speed based on the exit time of FC1, though during the rest of the video it looks more like 1.0x. Might want to ask around in our Discord.

If running the game under Wine has no clear differences then I think it should be fine.


looked at more cutscene today for comparison. Sometimes it was that the speed dropped below 1.2x, but mostly there was little or no difference. As Mark0v1c wrote - more information is possible in Discord (rayman speedruning, rayman_06 channel)


"Difference a 1.0 from 1.2, frames per second. For 1.0 - 60fps, 1.2 - 72fps."

Checking with a FPS counter, it shoots between 36 and 60 FPS, never ever reaching 72. But I suppose 36 still runs at 1.2x ? And then there are levels such as Teensies hallway for example which is just a bloodbath when comparing againist runs on the leaderboard, it's really confusing

As for V-sync, I tryed so many times to either disable or enable it but it just won't budge I guess I'm stuck 1.2x with lags then. Frustrating, but thanks for the answers !

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