[PC] Asking About Better Rayman 3
1 year ago

So I play on PC and really want to speedrun this game, but when doing a fresh run i can never skip the in game cutscenes with the ESC key no matter what, turns out you can't do that on the PC version. Now Better Rayman 3 lets you skip these cutscenes but in the game rules it says that i can't use this mod. My question is Could we use the mod to only skip cutscenes? Besides why is this mod not allowed? is there any reason for it?


Hello, i played rayman 3 on PC. On www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_3:_Hoodlum_Havoc - chapter "Skip intro videos" download file "blank.bik". Copy, renamed and replace all video in <path-to-game>\videos. It skip all cutscene.

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To skip (the skippable) cutscenes on pc you have to simultaneously press and hold the "E" "S" and "C" keys, not the "ESC" key.


couldn't try it out before cuz i was away on vacation but now i tested it and it works, thank you so much for helping Mark0v1c

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