Revisiting Levels
1 year ago
United States

Hey, so with the revisiting levels rule, are my runs obsoleted or rejected? I thought that that was the case, but is just a 2 second addition added now instead of them being rejected? Here they are:

What is the status of these runs?

South Holland, Netherlands

So the new rule for IL runs states that replays are not allowed, mainly because of the fact that at the end of the level, the game transitions to the next level faster (skipping the score % screen). Instead of removing all previous runs that were done on replays (which ended up being a lot), we decided to keep them but add a sufficient enough time penalty so new runs under this new rule aren't at a disadvantage. The runs you mentioned are valid, since they were performed before the rule change and have the time penalty mentioned earlier added to them. Previously they were removed but this is not the case anymore.

United States

Okay, thanks for the response. I'm glad to know.

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