New timing for AMC and MMC (and retiming of existing runs)
New timing for AMC and MMC (and retiming of existing runs)
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A while back some concerns were raised about a rule inconsistency regarding the categories consisting of multiple runs. So now, using a wakeup save is also explicitly allowed in All Main Categories (and Most Meme Categories)! This is mostly to bring the overall run time closer to the sum of the individual runs, rather than having an annoying and unnecessary overhead because of wakeup animations. Since the legality of wakeup saves in these categories was previously unclear (and the rules worded in a way where most people assumed it was banned), all existing runs in these categories (all of which had not used a wakeup save) have been retimed. Specifically, the overhead of wakeup animations between individual runs has been removed (for AMC, this comes out to 29.43s). This is just to remove the disadvantage from runs done before this rule clarification, so any future runs that don't use wakeup save will not be retimed in this manner.

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Individual Levels added + Least Portals


there is now an Individual Level leaderboard for Portal Category Extensions. The available categories for this are:

  • Least Portals (OoB, Inbounds, Glitchless) (kinda NEW!)
  • Softlock, Glitchless (NEW!)
  • Jumpless
  • Zero Gravity
  • 2 Players 1 Controller (OoB, Inbounds, Glitchless
7 months ago
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