[READ BEFORE REQUESTING A CATEGORY] How to request a category
4 years ago
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If you wanna request a category to be added, please use this thread https://www.speedrun.com/portal_category_extensions/thread/3tiqf

Here are a few guidelines on what to consider when requesting a category (if you don't follow these, your request is likely to be ignored):

  • Think about if your category actually needs a leaderboard. If it's just a fun thing you wanna run, go for it. You don't need a leaderboard to speedrun. If you don't think anybody else would wanna run your category, adding it would only clutter up the boards.

  • Do a run of whatever you're requesting. A majority of all category ideas that are requested would end up never being run. Having an example run also aids in discussion of how unique/interesting the routes could be. Be sure to include a link to this run in your request.

  • If you know other people who already did a run of your category or are interested in running it, this will massively help your idea getting added to the boards. One of the main things we don't wanna have is a category run by one person that then sits dormant for 5 years.

  • Provide some sort of explanation about why you'd think your idea would make a good category. Think of it as a sales pitch.

  • If necessary for your category, provide rule specifications.

  • Your category should not be arbitrary. "Setting these 3 cvars to random values I thought of" is not a good category.

  • Your category should not be too similar to already existing categories (both main categories & extensions). If your idea is just an already existing category with a very minor detail added to it, it doesn't warrant its own leaderboard.

  • Your category should not be a custom map/mappack.

  • Unless strongly justified, your category should almost always start in the vault and end at the GLaDOS fight (starting at a specific later point would need some sort of official save specifically made for it). If your category is "bring the companion cube to glados", the unique part of this run would only encompass a handful of maps (17 and onwards).

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