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6 years ago

You can request whatever you want :)


Could we have a run where you can only move left or right? i think it would be very hard and funny to watch


How about I finally get my Transmissionshy (= All Radios/Cameras, Glitchless) leaderboard? :P


@Mitsunee i feel like it shouldnt be exclusive to glitchless tho

maybe have sub cats for the 4 different categories (i.e oob, inbounds, legacy, glitchless)

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Arkansas, USA

Inbounds SS was renamed to Inbounds noSL for whatever reason, so change that if you feel like it. Also, vault save isn't allowed in that category since you can't load saves that aren't loaded after dying.


Heplooner, I changed the name of the category. And yes you can't use vault save, as the rules say "no save or load" so vault save isn't allowed.

DANIEL_HOGG, No forward bind already exist.

the_hat / Mitsunee, Ok I'll add those categories.

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Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Alright, so while playing a bit of Chaos% i noticed one command (r_screenoverlay effects/tp_eyefx/tp_eyefx) that I thought would make for an interesting category. And it does.

r_screenoverlay is used for things like the teleportation-sequences in HL2, and this one specifically looks super trippy and makes it quite hard to shoot things far away.

Sadly, the command resets on loads and mapchanges, so I had to write some cfgs to cope with that, basically re-applying the affect on every movement input and load. These cfgs make it quite easy to enable/disable this madness:


//applies tunnelvision for movement inputs bind w "+forward; tunnel" bind a "+moveleft; tunnel" bind s "+back; tunnel" bind d "+moveright; tunnel" //wait is needed here to work with save/loads alias waittunnel "wait 100; tunnel" //here, add waittunnel to all your binds that include loading. here are mine as an example bind f7 "load quick; waittunnel" bind c "save sg; load sg; waittunnel" bind x "load sg; waittunnel" //tunnel activates the efffect alias tunnel "r_screenoverlay effects/tp_eyefx/tp_eyefx"


r_screenoverlay "" alias tunnel ""

Making this work on changelevels automatically proved to be difficult, so with this setup your vision is only normal directly after changelevels until you move (basically only affecting 14 and 19 a bit).

For now I would call this Tunnelvision%, you can split this into OoB/Inbounds again if you want, I did an Inbounds run here.

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Have an Idea! In this Category u use sv_cheats 1 and after that u use give weapon_portalgun and upgrade_portalgun to get the portal gun at the start of the run

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

how about a glitchless and no-skip category (where you allow abh)? i am doing this now for a while bcause i suck really hard at hl2/portal speedruns, and for some beginners it would be very great

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

For a Glitchless category, that already exists over one the main leaderboards. No-Skip or Intended has been discussed a whole lot of times already, but it's basically impossible to define properly, and even if we were to settle on what's allowed and what's not, it would be very arbitrary. For example if we allowed abh in this category, would abh over goo be allowed or a banned skip? Stuff like that is just too unclear to decide on. Feel free to do your runs with your own route and set of rules, but don't expect a leaderboard for a run this specific.

California, USA

we should totally do a transmission%, inbounds. itd be intersting, and oob would make it too easy compared to regular oob

California, USA

How about sv_portal_placement_never_fail? (You have to activate it in chamber 02 otherwise the rotating portal in 01 glitches out and it's impossible).

California, USA

Or just make it toggleable because if it is on, portal bumps in 16 and 17 won't work

New Brunswick, Canada

Glitchless x 25? or x10 since its longer than the inbounds run

California, USA

'Nother Idea: You can set Host_Timescale to whatever you want, but as you make it faster, most actions (especially oob tricks) get harder to do. You could make it so that you have to keep the speed the same, or so that you can change it, so you can make it really fast for the earlier chambers and a bit slower for the harder areas such as the escape.

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Blindfolded glitchless - see for rules. I figured the category has to be made first before I'm able to submit my run?

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California, USA

Someone add fire%


sv_gravity 100 glitchless


Jumpless inbounds please. I want to see some crazy jumpless saveglitches!!!

Michigan, USA

Inbounds-TR + OoB-TR.

TR = Transmission Received.

Complete the game while also acquiring all 26 instances of the "transmission received" achievement.

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there is now an Individual Level leaderboard for Portal Category Extensions. The available categories for this are:

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