Crown Tundra - Easy High-Level Pokemon?

As soon as you can complete the Opening Ceremony, you can travel to the Crown Tundra and enter a Dynamax Adventure. From there, you can catch the first pokemon that appears, and then attack your own team to forcibly end the run. The pokemon you caught will be level 65 and will obey you.

My question is: Could this be a timesave compared to the current route? I don't actually run this game, I found this while planning for farm for shiny legendaries on a second account.

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Yeah I ran into the same thing and came here to see if anyone was talking about it. There's no "could" there, it's a bananas timesave to have a level 70 legendary immediately.

Just did this on a new playthrough and got to just mash A through the whole game with a Suicune. Crazy. Will probably be addressed quick.

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Man that's nuts. You'd think having a level 70 off the bat would save more time than getting a lucky Sobble.

Didn't strictly mean Suicune specifically, more like OP was saying, you can grab the first good mon and beat up your allies to get out fast.

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Wait. Is Peony always level 70?

I didn't consider this route because I thought there was no level cap, unlike the Isle of Armor. By the time you can take him on, it's usually not worth grabbing a level 65 Pokemon.

You can lose to Peony and continue the story.

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Not a Pokemon runner, but having a separate category is always an option. Also other pokemon might work, but yeah separate category maybe?

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