Hi there ! I think we should have a different category or game for shield and sword because one gym is not the same so the route is different and the timer too.

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This subject is pending. You can discuss this in our Discord if you want. That said, it's two gyms, not one that is different.

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@Strackel no only 1 gym, few pokemons are different pokemons

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@KilleDragon No two gyms are different the 4th is either the ghost or fighting, and the 6th is either ice or rock depending on what version you got

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Sword/Shield routes are slightly different (Inteleon for Sword, Arcanine/Exadrill for Shield), but they are pretty much tied for timing with current strategies. The only differences are the 4th/6th gyms, which aren't really major issues, you could use a route for the opposite game at the cost of maybe losing a couple of minutes and having slightly harder fights.

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In all case, in the future would be so nice to separate it in 2 subcategories if the different into WRs of each one is so high or if the top 10 is all of 10 runs of the same game or soemthing like this lol

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@KilleDragon if you want that atm you can use the variable tab the mods arent sure atm whether they want to split yet


The LGPE leaderbord is separated and there is only 1min difference between the 2 best times.

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Now that I realize about it… And if you do a SpeedRun of both games? Would be so logic lol, so you cant have both in the leaderboard lmfao

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You can see previous runs on the leaderboard by clicking on Filter --> Obsoleted Runs --> Shown, or on a user's profile by clicking Show Obsolete Runs. There's no merit to having a run take up two spots on the leaderboard, as it would be unfair to everyone with a slower PB than your slower PB.

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I had this one idea that was any% with the post game where you collect all the league cards

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POKEDEX TO 100% capture all pokemons that you can capture in this game only of the game you are playing > for example, only is needed the legendray pokemon of sword if you play sword, and no of shield; and viceberse


Guys, instead of asking for categories, do a run of them and then show it to people on discord. Then people will consider it. Noone is gonna add blank categories.

This board is getting pretty annoying it tbh :D

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For the postgame thing... why? It's basically just Any% but with go beat up royal pricks and catch a doggo with Master Ball. Maybe with the Battle Tower included, but even then it's really just gonna be smashing everything with Eternatus lul

Rotom Rally maybe as a dumb Category Ext if that ever happens lol

Complete the Curry Dex I've tried before and its hell. Doing it Glitchless is probably possible (if maybe shops can be manipulated, then you can get everything within two days, then careful berry management). But even if you allow the "bypass time advance punishment system" glitch, it's still hell just because of the Gigantamix, which is a really rare drop from 3/4/5 star raids (I'm guessing like 1%). Still, would be nice to have it, but just to note if anyone gets Gigantamix first try, that's just WR lol


It's fairly common to get non-sensical suggestions in the forums for new games from people who do not even run the game.

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  1. @wartab I play the game; and you cant know who´s play the game and who not
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How no, haters that doesnt like the categories ideas... Always have to be people that try to give reasons to a category be a bad idea.

To be knowed: that NOT HELP. and sound so critical that of "It's fairly common to get non-sensical suggestions in the forums for new games from people who do not even run the game" because of more tan one reasons.

@CasualPokePlayer maybe is realy so close to any%, but I dont look to be as dumb as you think, I dont understand why you think is no reason to implement it.

Ps: I know I sound so dispectfull, but Im comletly disagree with the last 2 comments

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@KilleDragon The postgame thing would be some category extension, and even then it's literally "Any% + smash everything postgame with OP legendary then catch another legendary with a Master Ball." If you want to go run it, do it, and maybe if this game gets a Category Ext you can ask mods to make that an lb and that'll be a thing. Just note, they aren't going to add a category if nobody ever does it. Same goes for the Rotom Rally thing and the Curry Dex, they aren't gonna be added if nobody runs them, and even then those belong in category ext.

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Postgame should definitely be added. The reason is simply after beating final Hop, the game blacks out and says The End. I personally think this is reason to add the category. After a top any% run finished, runners could meme and do any%+postgame

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