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Ontario, Canada

I've been having issues finding a single source for all the glitches discovered in this game, so I figured I'd set this area up and just dump my findings.

Going Out Of Bounds interests me in most games, and this one was no exception. After looking around YouTube, I was motivated from Abyssoft's video to see what can be Sequence Broken, if anything.

On this most current patch (as of Dec 29), it is still possible to get outside the Tutorial path before you even pick your first Pokemon. I don't know how to record gameplay off my Switch Lite, so all I have for evidence of this is a grainy phone photo (

To describe it plainly, save at an area where there is a rocky overhang above you. In my location, it's where there is a sharp pointy cliff. Once you reload, there is a chance the game will place your character model on the cliffside, or on top of it. Sometimes you will just slide down and be forced to reload the save to try again, but other times, you will be boosted high enough to be put on steady terrain, and can walk/run/slide forward to the new ground.

Tread wearily here, if you venture too far right to your original path, the game will trigger a text box, and result in you being force walked back to the path. Avoid wild pokemon, as attempting to encounter them without a poke in your party will cause the software to close. At this new area, you can visit Los Platos.

Items can be picked up no problem. The PokeMart works fine, with buying and selling. I'm not sure of the TM Machine maker, as it requires a lot of objects to exchange for a Move, that I did not pick up in my limited roaming space. You can speak to NPCs as well for standard dialogue.

Warning, do not heal your Pokemon with the Nurse. While the animation plays to "heal your party", no Pokeballs appear in her machine, and the game also crashes when trying to "hand back your Pokemon". You can ask for Tips, and she recommends you go to school.

Much like Wild Pokemon, Trainers should not be interacted with either. Though the dialogue and battle them starts, the game quickly crashes. For some reason, you can buy food at one of the stands, and the animation plays with Koraidon/Miraidon in the background, even though you haven't interacted with them yet.

Heading to the Main Gate outside the school, it will give you a text saying you can some back this way later, so there's no progress to be made. The Menu options are limited as well, and we cannot access the Online services for any Mystery Gifts, and while the button seems to trigger when interacted with at the side of the PokeStop, no menu appears.

So now we have to trick the game again. There was a cliffside that can be carefully slid up, letting you get from South Area One to South Area Five. This was incredibly challenging (found by DanSalvato), but I did manage it as well, breaking free. I recommend saving partway up the cliff so you don't have to get back to your progressive position too often.

If you manage to get up, you've got the vast Eastern side to walk around. The 3 starters will continue to follow you around, though seem to be have some glitchy teleports. No Legendary for movement sadly. Oddly, if you make the long way around and head to the Eastern entrance to Mega, it lets you in. Speaking to the picnic guy gets you free food items, and for some reason, healing at the Picnic Table doesn't crash the game.

Warning, if you go inside Mega, it will let you out, but only by the Southern Entrance back to our limit exploration area outside Los Platos, s you'd have to re-do the Cliff Climb to get out. I just saved before my first entrance into Mega to avoid this hassle. The Eastern/Western/EliteFour entrance stop you with a text box, saying Nemona is waiting for you, but trying to take the North entrance into the school, once again says you can visit there later. I know of no way to clip into the buildings.

Exploring the wild Eastern area, I did not see any Titan pokes. The Bases are similarly functioning as the Online area beside the PokeStop, where you can press the button outside, but nothing happens. And with the Gyms, while the counter attendant will greet you, nothing gets triggered to progress.

Oddly, inside Mega, there is an NPC that says she can measure the size of your Pokemon, and interacting with her will open up your Box Menu with 8 boxes, though with zero Pokemon. Closing this out, your game crashes.

Oddly again, if you speak to an NPC that offers a trade, and you try to accept, they will reject you, citing you need two Pokes in your party, but you have only 1. Doesn't make sense, as anytime you try to give an Item to hold, the game says you have No Pokemon. Though attempting to teach a TM does change the cursor to the left side of the screen where the typical pokemon party list resides.

Oddly for the final time, there is a Weird Egg. If you try to use an Rare/EXP Candy, it will also mention you have no Pokemon, but then an Egg labelled 007 begins leveling up, and then it's name proceeds to become the level it grew to after the candy was consumed (ex. 007 fed a Rare Candy, "2 grew to level 2!". Sadly, I've been walking around a very long time, and nothing has hatched, nor does the egg appear in the party.

That's all I could find. Hoping to hear more amusing stories and discoveries from others.

I managed to find a way to get out of bounds within ground Zero by complete accident, sadly i couldn't save a clip of me actually clipping out of bounds due to my SD card being full but i have a clip of me being out of bounds if you want proof. Someone who was willing to help me recreate this glitch found a YouTube video of someone clipping out of bounds in a different spot of the same area, here is a link to the video in question:

You seem to be able to be pushed out of bounds if two surfaces are close to each other and you manage to squeeze yourself in between them. I hope this helps

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Nevada, USA

I accidentally clipped through a wall in a video I posted on Youtube called "pokemon violet wall clip". I'm not sure how it works, but it could be useful.

Georgia, USA

You can deload every object other than terrain if you slide perfectly straight into the front of the Union Circle terminal

Georgia, USA

It might be tas only if it can be used

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