categories? suggestion :)
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She/Her, They/Them
1 year ago

would there be categories for lets say clearing all 8/5/5 of a single story line? i think that would be neato but idk, theres lots of potential for this game :)?

New South Wales, Australia

To my mind, the obvious categories are:

  • Victory Road%
  • Path of Legends%
  • Starfall Street%
  • Any% (reach the credits)
  • Academy Ace Tournament%
  • Catch 'em All

The less obvious ones could be:

  • Gholdengo%
  • Olive Roll%
  • 100% (whatever that would entail)
  • School%
  • All Terastalize%
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why is there a % sign at the end of all of your category suggestions? Half of those categories don't need a % sign

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Maybe Let’s Go%. Where you kill 5 Pokémon with the Let’s Go Feature.

Chicago, IL, USA

Pokemon games add new categories by doing runs themselves and submitting the video to the discord for mods to add it as a category. Some of these would also be added as category extension runs on the Category Extension Leaderboards when those are setup. also check the switch discord where there are discussions about the Leaderboards happening right now

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