new categories?
Alaska, USA

Hello Everyone!

I know I am new to this community but I was wondering if it is ok if I post some new categories like all badges or a first to a certain area within amount time

thank for taking your time to read this Destructive Hearts Gaming


Those are fairly arbitrary goals, so it is probably not going to happen. What value would such categories add to the leaderboards? Reminder that nothing prevents you to run categories without them being official.

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Alaska, USA

Thank you for your time and also giving me some encouraging word and ill that keep in mind, and to answer your question regarding what value these categories would add to leaderboards. I believe that it would add some diversity to the community, but I defiantly agree that I could run these events without them being official.

Thank you for your time Destructive Hearts Gaming


That being said, we aren't opposed to any ideas. In general, if such an idea gets of lot of traction with people doing special routes and actually running categories, we still add them!

Recently examples are splitting the games Eevee and Pikachu into separate categories, adding the All Obtainable Pokémon category or having an Elite 4 Round 2 category in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

Alaska, USA

Oh ok well I am still pretty new to speed running, but ill be more them glad to provided footage of the run, once I get a little bit better, If you guys wanna drop my stream and give me some good pointer ill try to stream every Saturday.

Thank for taking the time to read this Destructive Hearts Gaming

British Columbia, Canada

There are 3 "pay-to-play" categories in which I am interested in attempting runs in / extremely curious the results of others. Yes, I did say "pay-to-play". These three categories require actual money to replay them which makes optimization a difficult feat.

The 3 categories are:

  • Any % (with PokeBall+ Mew)
  • Any % (with Movie 2019 Mewtwo)
  • Any % (with 1 Go Park Pokemon)

The Movie 2019 Mewtwo DLC is set to expire at the end of September. Mewtwo allows for what in the Pokemon Community is occasionally called a Disobedience run which is where as soon as you can trade or access a high level event Pokemon, you do so and treat it as your ONLY mon. In Let's Go, that's right after delivering Oak's Parcel. (I attempted this with one of my remaining Movie Ticket DLC codes. I lost over an hour due to Mewtwo ignoring commands.)

The current speed run strategies all focus on ditching the Starter... so why not ditch Eevee or Pikachu even earlier with the DLC Mew's from the PokeBall+. Mew counts as one of your own so it listens. You can easily replace Eevee/Pikachu with Mew before there is even a level gap between them.

Finally, for the tail end of the run, must it be Starmie? Why not not a single Go Park transfer (which currently cap at Level 40.) It is a bit sooner than the Starmie but only by a smidgen.


Reading the rules of the speedruns should clarify most of what you just said.

British Columbia, Canada

Yes, these are clearly DIFFERENT categories based upon the "Any %" rules. @wartab, your re-stating that with the bare minimum amount of words does not add to the fact these are categories missing from options. Just cause the Any % exists doesn't mean it should be the only option for runs.


As with all category requests: start running them before requesting them. Find a few other people interested in wasting $50 each attempt and come forward with those.


@The3Alic3 @DestructiveHGaming

Should you have completed a run of this category yet, let us know and you'll be able to request your category here:

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