Pokemon 151 Card Pack - Random Run
4 months ago

Hi All,

First time poster here. With the release of the New Pokemon Scarlet/Violet 151 series for the TCG I had this fun idea to run whatever pokemon I got in my first pack.

I am a casual speedrunner but it has been a fun experience so far and I highly recommend giving it a try. It is cool to use pokemon you would not normally think of.

In my pack I pulled...

Poliwag, Ponyta, Kakuna, Fearow, Ekans, Poliwhirl, Onix, Gyarados, Electabuzz and Primeape.

I took Ekans out right away since I own the Pikachu version.

I have tried to make some reasonable rule changes to the standard ANY% run.

You must obtain the pulled Pokemon ASAP. You may use Pikachu until you can obtain the first possible MON. (For me I grabbed a Spearow R22 and a Weedle ASAP.) (I did not see an Onix in Mt. Moon so I allowed myself to continue without it...though it would have been nice against the fossil guy's electric types)

You may have other Pokemon in your party for levelling but they may not be used in battle. (You will still need 50 pokemon in the dex for Koga)

You should box all your non card pokemon before any battles.

You may use lower level pokemon (example, Spearow and Magikarp) but you may not evolve passed that. (My kakuna cannot break free of its cocoon.)

So far I am up to Misty and enjoying myself. I would love to hear other ideas for rules and encourage other to try out this run and share their experience.

One thing I am struggling with is having more than 6 pokemon...Should I be required to use the pulled pokemon in at least 1 fight? Or does this just allow me more options for my squad?

It would be awesome to see Etchy and Eddaket do a race at an event and see how there knowledge of the game allows them to complete this challenge.

The fun part is when I do finally complete it I can open a new pack and try it all over again!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

TLDR. I opened a pack of Pokemon 151 cards and am challenging myself to beat ANY% with only those Pokemon.

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