Chinese text half working
3 months ago
United Kingdom

The Chinese text in roblox settings is only translating certain text in the cmds and menu gui. The cutscene text doesn't translate meaning the cutscene doesn't go faster. Idk if anyone else is having this issue or it's a problem in settings. I switched to an alt and it still didn't work.

Georgia, USA

Roblox patched it is why

United Kingdom

wait so are all runs with chinese text invalid now?

Saarland, Germany

i dont think so it wasnt that big of an advantage

United Kingdom

it's kinda annoying tho bc I spawn in a 9:55 which makes getting top 10 impossible for a lot of maps


well it's not impossible it just makes it more challenging but all it changes is the bots come earlier but the timer starts when u spawn in now when the game starts

California, USA

update: its back