Clarification on what counts as a glitch
3 years ago

I've noticed that some people have been submitting glitchless runs to Glitch% and glitched runs to glitchless categories. I've decided to try to clear things up a bit to cause less confusion. Let me know if you think I missed anything.

Using the crouch glitch in R15 to see through walls IS a glitch.

Clipping through walls by any means IS a glitch.

Wall jumping through the window in Chapter 1 is NOT a glitch.

Using items through walls (e.g. wrench on top floor in Chapter 1) IS a glitch.

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New Jersey, USA

What if you're using an external extension(like an auto key clicker) to clip through walls. Idk if that's really glitching cuz it's using help from something else other than the game itself.

United Kingdom

thats banned

Georgia, USA

Using a 3rd party source to noclip is banned.


item clipping fits under the umbrella of "any form of clipping through walls". also, it uses a third party application so it would be banned by default.

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thats fair because these softwares are only on computers. and you cant get it on mobile. so that would be unfair

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i made the last glitch and my run got accepted on glitchless

Georgia, USA

Little late but people did find a method to do the no clip on mobile before no clip was patched.


autoclickers on mobile are nothing new

Georgia, USA

It did not involve auto clicker lol

Baden-Württemberg, Germany

LMAO but good rules, better then the piggay ones. if i have time i would like to note some examples and the stuff team decide whether its a glitch or not

San Diego, CA, USA

I disagree with the wrench through wall being a glitch but ok


the mod team agrees with the wrench through wall being a glitch but ok

Ohio, USA

Hold on you moderate this game zir0nic?


yes, unfortunately


how is wall jumping on house window not a glitch thats clearly wallhopping

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Iowa, USA

It's not because it's a hole that the player can fit through. And if the player can jump high enough without any glitches or any macros, then it does not count as it being a glitch. Unlike other glitches like being able to see through walls, there is no hole in the walls, so it's a glitch.


yeah the house window wallhop should be a glitch but too late

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