New Jersey, USA

i would say a lot of swear words but i'm really disappointed in the amount of cheaters there are right now

i no longer wish to mod a game infested with these kind of people but i will still run occasionally i guess


I swear im no cheat but my boys keep accusing me but i give em the proof but really disappointed in otaku and icey because i had a lot of time running with them and it was all for nothing.

United States

sorry guys i cheated (april fools)

United States

jvo cheats because his gameplay is (near) the same as barhdye's with 3 months of playing lallalalala

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Georgia, USA

For anyone who doesnt know, last night huge evidence was found about otaku leading to his ban.

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He/Him, They/Them
4 months ago

sad topic, but it's true. I'm disappointed in them too.

United States

This is sad to hear.

Euclid, OH, USA

yeah, otaku and ice JUST STRAIGHT LIERSSS


liar liar pants on fire


sorry i cheated

New Jersey, USA
Any/All, He/Him
3 months ago

im chetin..


Was that the bite of 87?


i chet in every run


i cheat in build mode runs lol (not in all)