My last Co-op run
8 months ago
Andalusia, Spain

Why did my last Co-op run was rejected by the reason: "No timer" first of all, in the rules it does not say in any moment that a timer is required and secondly, Do moderators know to verify runs that dont have a livesplit timer? Because there are multiple tools to do it


here is the run (i was the second player):


Just use an editor tool to add a timer. That's how I WR got approved. You can use VSDC Free Video Editor. Might take a few minutes for the first time.

you could also use yt-frame timer, which doesn't require the timer to be present anyway. (btw im not sure if mods already use this, as i'm not too active in this game)

Andalusia, Spain

@TheCatGamer2021 that's what I use to verify runs for the games i moderate but it seems that the moderators need runners to put the timer which should not be like that and can be reported

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