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Casual-Mega Brutal Category
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What if there was a category where you had to beat any plague on casual, normal, brutal, and mega brutal in the same run. I could provide a sample if the mods would like, but I think this would be a cool idea. It could also work for all plagues and all standard plagues. I hope you guys think this is a good idea.


do you mean like every plague or just one from each?

United States

I meant, this would basically be an extension of Any%, but you have to do every difficulty. For all plagues and all standard plagues, it would be the same, just you have to beat it on all difficulties. The all plagues and all standard plagues would probably be really long though.


Not a bad idea but the run is very specifique run. I thinks this will not be very popular in the community.

But you can always make a run and give us the links to the video in this channel to see what it's like

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