What is considered a heist competition and thoughts on "Reset Strat"?
4 months ago
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What is considered a complete mission? I believe you can do NRFTW with only one money bag as long as it comes from the vault? Also will reset strat be allowed or another category?

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A complete mission is when you escape, whether that takes 5 bags or 2 bags - your final time is dependant on when you "escape".

In regards to "reset strat", that is allowed for the time being until we find out what starbreeze aims to do about people "abusing preset rng restarts". As, at this moment in time, we don't know what they're aiming to do :)

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What about if you post a run with no restart strat, could that be a seperate topic on runs? I am asking because i have submitted two runs that where one takes and had no advantage in knowing anything, my clip shows me loading into the heist as proof. I was wondering because doing the heist legit would always take longer than knowing the codes pretense.


On their update stream last week I think. They talked about the fixed RNG on restarts. Its totally intentional on the developers part to allow this. They did say in the future they may change so that the harder(or hardest) difficulties always get fresh RNG but keep the lower difficulties getting preset RNG


found the timestamp for where they talk about the fixed RNG

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Cool cool, thank you so much.

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