Coop POV Rule Rewrite
Coop POV Rule Rewrite
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Hey Heisters!

Following some recent misunderstandings with the "Every runner must record their POV and submit it alongside the run in the run submission description" - the rule has been rewritten to clear up any misunderstandings. POVs are allowed to be within the description of, for example, a youtube video - however it is preferred they are given in the run submission description on If your run has POVs available on youtube, but not on site, we'll edit your submission to include these POVs in the run description. :D

Also, we've seen quite a few runners submit their runs (both coop and solo) with the "Time" field filled out. For the purpose of our leaderboards, this field isn't something we care about - as our timing method is "In-Game Time" (IGT). So please, only fill out the "In-Game Time" field when submitting a run, thank you :)

As well to add, you can join our speedrun discord server: here to stay up to date on any news regarding the leaderboards!

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