The discord server!
2 months ago

Hello Heisters!

Following the release of Payday 3, an internal discussion was had between the Payday the heist, Payday 2, and Payday 3 speedrun moderators about the possibility of merging the communities together under one discord server. ollowing a vote hosted on the payday 2 speedrunning server, as many payday 2 runners have voiced opinions on transferring to payday 3, we've decided to go ahead with the merging of these communities. We decided to use the pre-existing Payday 2 server as a basis, in an effort to preserve the expansive history of our community. The server is still under development, and we hope that you will voice your opinions in an effort to improve our newly merged server.

See you in the safehouse, and remember... keep those helmets flying! ;)

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