Road Rage : my truck is slightly lower and I can't figure why
24 days ago
Alsace, France

For the context, I compared my run with the world record one section by section, and I realise that on the section where the truck is moving my truck was 15 seconds slower despite both starting at the same point.

I synchronised my run and the world record, and I saw that during the whole truck run, my truck was slowly falling behind despite me never going outside of the hack radius.

My only guesses is either, there is a way to make the truck go to an optimal speed that I do not know, OR, since I got an average computer, Payday 3 + OBS make my processor working at 100% and I may be having some minor rollback during all the run, but I hope not

You can see both section times here : My run is here : WR run is here :

I'm nearly 100% sure our truck start at the same position and go the same route, and we both not leave the hack radius

I also posted a thread on steam to see if it's a bug

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Alsace, France

After doing over and over the same tracks with different setups, I can say that my run is slower due to me recording my game. It happen with OBS and FRAPS.

When I don't record my screen, the truck take the path in 4:46, and when I record he take 5:01, every time.

I have absolutely NO IDEA why ity does that in my runs and not on the WR ones. Maybe it's a spec thing. I had my task manager open at anytime and my processor was at 70% max during the whole run.

My only solution right now is that I'll have to record my screen with my phone, or buy a better PC...

I feel really low right now.

United States

that is very interesting! i wonder why that would happen. and can you just optimize a pc to make the truck go faster than WR?

Alsace, France

I really don't think that the speed of the truck is tied to your performance, in the sense that "the more fps, the faster it goes"

I think it as a capped speed and it lag/stop/rollback when your PC is strugling. I don't know if the server connection is worse when your PC is strugling, it may be linked but I'm not sure

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