OOT Skullomizer - Beta release
5 years ago


after hearing the idea on RG's stream I fellt compelled to make this:

Ocarina of Time Skullomizer - beta version

Randomize golden skulltula locations. 1000 possible spots (including the 100 vanilla spots).

Supported versions: US V1.0 only

Usage: skullomizer.exe [input filename] [seed] [output filename]

Or just drag and drop the ROM file onto the exe.

Keep zdec.exe in the same folder.

Randomization: The amount of golden skulls per area (as per map screen) stays the same. Note that the game displays a skulltula icon on the map screen when you have found all skulls in an area. There is one exception to this. Market area skulls can also appear in Ganon's Castle (Trails). In overworld areas skulls appear only at night except skulls in tress, crates or soft soils. Skulls in dungeon (and some other indoor areas) appear in both ages. Skulls in overworld areas appear only as child or adult. Soft soils have also been moved. The bean plant as adult however stays in it's original place. You might notice, that some unimportant actors, like bushes, pots or song of storms fairies are sometimes missing. This is because the randomizer puts a skull in a room by replacing an existing actor. Adding extra actors to a room would be way harder.

Glitches: To get all skulls some glitches can be required:

  • Deku Tree as adult
  • Crossing Gerudo Valley as child (Fortress and astelands don't have any child skulls but Valley does)

Beta: I have not tested all 1000 spots yet. If you have crashes, important actors missing, skulls hovering in the air instead of on a surface, let me know. Please include your seed.

Future plans:

  • New title screen.
  • Option to print a list of all skull locations.
  • Beta Quest support or just randomizing entrances myself ???


Have fun!

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New York, USA

Hey a bunch of people in the oot discord are interested in trying this, but the mediafire link is dead. Maybe try a google drive upload? Idk

Arizona, USA

Minor bug I found - In the suns song grave there was a GS on the wall, and when I tried to open the door to the next room there was no door opening animation and link just walked in. When going through the room going to load the back room with the suns song stone, the redead room unloaded. I had to go back to the first room then go back through the rooms again which worked the 2nd time. I didn't get the GS. This likely has to do with whatever actor is being replaced by the GS actor.

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United States

I keep getting a crash when i break the box in haunted wasteland in the section where you follow the poe. It makes the "ding" sound when I bonk it so there may be a skulltula (or something) in there, but the game immediately crashes as soon as the green rupee spawns. My seed is 285396. I can provide a video if you'd like to see it.

Also when I shoot the sun for fire arrows nothing happens. Same seed and everything.

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