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1 year ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Mitchel Vivatson Mitchel Vivatson 1 day ago This is hilarious, I would love to see someone figure out how to use ACE to spawn a gaurd in kakoriko village for a speed run. 5 SPACE DELTA 18 personal for artist project SPACE DELTA 18 personal for artist project 0 seconds ago YES new wrong warp anyone? 0:00 any% (in game time) let's gooooo


oot is timed rta tho

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Västra Götaland, Sweden
She/Her, It/Its
1 year ago

I already have an NG+ run of about 2 seconds, technically 0 with new timing (control of link)

Plus, ACE is only allowed in any% and NSR

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Muted Audio on Twitch Highlights

Recently, many longer runs submitted as Twitch highlights have had parts of their audio muted due to Twitch's automatic copyright detection, the most frequent case being long sections of Lost Woods music. Some vods will even give a network error at these parts which can cause several minutes of foot

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