Running on Switch?
9 months ago
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I was wondering if any% is possible on the switch version of the game through the N64 access. Or if the switch is a viable option for speedrunning this game in general. I haven't been able to find any info on this or can't see anyone who runs the game on switch. Any info is appreciated!

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The Nintendo Switch Online version of the game should be viable for speedrunning (i believe it's the same version release as Wii Virtual Console), just the use of save states or "restore points" are banned and will disqualify a run. Other than that, it should be viable. Maybe not the fastest version, but still an option.

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The current any% route doesn’t work on switch iirc, but there is probably another setup that would make it work on switch

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My bad, thought this was a Minish Cap forum- that recently came out on Switch. Yes, listen to JTown lol

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@GingerZzNinja there is now a switch route if you are still interested in this category, you can follow the tutorial I made in the guides


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@qoznyyy thanks for letting me know, should be fixed

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