Emulator Resources

Links and information for accepted emulators, ROMs, and BIOS files. (external link)

By SpirasterSpiraster

Lua Scripts for Oracles

Lua scripts to use with Bizhawk for Oracle of Ages/Seasons. This can be used to do all sorts of things, such as toggling Walk Through Walls, giving yourself items, checking the RNG seed and Link's precise position among other features. Video Demonstration can be found within the link. (external link)

By DrennDrenn

Oracles RNG Helper

This program determines where in the RNG sequence you are in Zelda: Oracle of Ages or Seasons, to assist with RNG Manipulation. Currently only used for the Ages D6 Boss Key room. (external link)

By DrennDrenn


Any% Practice Save States for BGB (D2 Skip Route)

Any% save states I use for practicing important segments. Uses D2 skip route. Maybe you'll want more, (I'm gonna add tokay island start, d3 start, and a few others soon) but should be a good start. Let me know if you run into any issues :) (direct download)

By g_kubg_kub

Any% Practice Savestates 2021 (bgb)

Note that these only work with the Japanese version of the game, as it is now the fastest for runs. Includes a potion in every save, following the Power Ring manipulation. Will likely get updated soon. (direct download)

By GlyphDXGlyphDX