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7 years ago
Ontario, Canada

Hey everyone,

Here's an autosplitter I've made for Oracle of Ages for use with LiveSplit.

The readme and script can be found here.

The readme covers installation and options of the autosplitter. If you have any questions, just give it a look first.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'll also use this thread to post any updates I have.

Note: Certain dungeon splits are missing from the options because they aren't needed for the current Any% routes. However, I can add them in the future if someone wants to do "All Dungeon" runs.

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Ontario, Canada

Update (v1.1.1):

  • Added "Lava Juice" split
  • Added "Seed Satchel" split
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Ontario, Canada

Lava Juice Kreygasm

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Ontario, Canada

Update (v2.0.0): Completely overhauled the settings:

  • Removed that awkward textbox implementation, and replaced it with checkboxes.
  • The names of your segments no longer matter to the autosplitter.
  • Just check all the events for which you want the autosplitter to split. Also:
  • Added "Veran Warp" split
  • Fixed "Save Nayru" split (would split during warp transitions)
  • Fixed "Defeat Veran" split (would split on Rolling Ridge after D2 Skip)

Note: The autosplitter will split for the checked events regardless of the current split, so make sure you have your splits set up to match your selected events.

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Ontario, Canada

Update (v2.0.2):

  • Fixed issue with splits triggering early on the file select screen if there was another file with progress
Ontario, Canada

I've replaced the old component autosplitter with a new ASL script.

Changes in this new version:

  • No longer relies on pointers, and should actually work for everyone
  • Added support for BGB 1.5.3 and gambatte-speedrun

If the old version didn't work for you, try this one. If this script still doesn't work for you please let me know! :)

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