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7 years ago
Newfoundland, Canada

Is there no existing glitchless category for this game? I mean, any% is great and all, but I'd kind of like to see what glitchless would look like

Kentucky, USA

I'd be interested in watching an 'All Essences' speedrun. Just throwing my two cents in.


I'd also be interested in an All Essences category. Any% is just such a pain in the a$$ with d2-skip and veran skip :D

All Essences would be nice for potential starters like me!

Barcelona, Catalonia

We'll occasionally talk on the Oracles Discord about an All Dungeons/All Essences route and some people have taken interest in running it, but no actual route has been made yet. As for Glitchless, I really don't know if anybody has an interest in that, we all love our Veran Skips.

Hamburg, Germany

So i am interested in doing a All dungeons/All essences speedrun, i actually might do one soon. But glitchless would be just plain boring to me, since it would limit the game by quite a bit. There are a lot of cool tricks and glitches, not doing them would be a pain in the ¤¤¤ for me. Also to see a almost glitchless run, just look up the older runs in the leaderboards.

Ontario, Canada

The problem with "All Essences" or "All Dungeons", is D2 skip would still be the fastest route for the game lol and completely glitchless would be an awfully boring run :(

People can run whatever they want to run though, so just do whatever run you want to run.

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