Old Woman - Clearbrook
4 years ago
United Kingdom

Is the old woman in Clearbrook worth charming in the early game with Primrose?

She hits like a truck and can be used 4 times I thought it would be a great idea to use her during bosses.

Florida, USA

I don't think so. You'd only be able to use a summon from Clearbrook for Heathcote since you need to allure the bartender for her chapter 2. Unless you're talking about some entirely different route where you go backwards on the overworld to get to Atlasdam.

United Kingdom

I don't know the routes I was just having a casual playthrough and found her to be ridiculous in attack hitting around 2k-3k per hit thought she might be usual in a run for a quick boss fight.

New Brunswick, Canada

2k or 3k is kind of on the low end when it comes to damage were looking for in runs, feel free to join the discord btw if you havent already.

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United Kingdom

Gotcha, I'm still early game and found her to be funny with the early bosses.