Add a new Category?
4 years ago
Chicago, IL, USA

Hello all,

I'm new to speedrunning and wanted to see how I could add a new category to Octopath Traveler. I've been routing and working on a "Therion lone traveler percent" and was going to be submitting my first full run next weekend. I plan on eventually submitting times for all characters for lone traveler.

Thanks in advance, Shouldabeen


Hi Shouldabeen,

You can join Discord community and talk about your route and solo characters category in #other-runs.

If the route isn't RNG or grinding heavy that can be great. And maybe if people are interested by the solo characters categories we can add in a leaderbord.

Chicago, IL, USA

Thanks for the quick reply! Right now it isn't any more RNG than the current routes, however it is quite grinding heavy. Currently working on reducing it every day. And thanks for the info, I'll be sure to join the discord.

Thanks again