Solo H'aanit Routing Optimization Project.
5 years ago

Hello! I took it upon myself to transcribe the current WR holder's strats for their run of H'aanit's route into a doc. (which I will post to the guides section shortly after I post this)

The original run is in Japanese, and I couldn't find any of the runner's personal resources, so in the doc I copied everything the runnner did, every item they got, and every boss strat used in an effort to decipher the runner's reasoning in order to further optimize the route.

I'm not an experienced runner, but i finished a run using the guide at a modest pace already, so it holds up. From this point the route needs ran and optimized, so I'm opening the resource to all runner's in order to make an effort to push the route. More experienced runners are welcome to reach out to me so I can allow you to edit the doc with any changes you might suggest. This thread can also serve as a means to suggest route changes and theorycraft. I appreciate any and all help!

The guide assumes you know map layouts already. I'm hoping to collab with someone in the future to make physical maps and video guides for tighter movement sections. If you want to help let me know!

South Carolina, USA

If you're not already, join the Discord! We've got plenty of people working on routing there.