Marathon Runs?
Pennsylvania, USA

I'm running 1 Char- All Areas for a marathon, and set my estimate a long time over a normal run because of resets. I wanted to see if anyone here has any strategies for tips for making the game more marathon friendly (as in not dying and reseting all the time) besides being good obviously

Texas, USA

besides obviously taking it slow in risky spots, pick up a safety mutation like rhino or spirit (raw hp is usually better imo)

also big chests on 3-3 give you a chance for miniguns, autobows, supercrosses, and hyper rifles; all very capable of carrying you to the palace fairly easily (splinter pistol autoshotty and bouncers are decent as well). obviously this isnt guaranteed, but what is in this game

Illinois, USA

don't die!

just play super safe and only take risks when you really need to, that's really all i can give you.

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