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6 years ago
Missouri, USA

I just recently sent in a melting all area's run and it's been marked as obsolete. Why is this?


You have two All Area runs: Chicken and Melting, your Chicken run is faster than your Melting one, so depending on some settings SRC considers it "obsolete".

Basically, we have three possibilities for displaying runs:

  1. displaying all different char as different categories, which makes a lot of sense but would clutter the leaderboard a lot with a lot of empty categories
  2. displaying all character specific pb on one single leaderboard
  3. displaying your pb accross all characters

Option 2 and 3 both allow to filter by character if you want. Right now we're using option 3 but there have been discussions on switching to 1, it's just hard to do it without making the lb look really bad and empty with runs being currently almost all done with Steroids. We might try option 2 as a transition, to incentivize more people to submit pb on different char, but it will quickly make the lb grow and become hard to read.

Anyway, back to your question, since currently we're on option 3, by default only your best run, so your Chicken run, appears on the leaderboard. You can filter by character to see your Melting run and compare to other Melting runs though (spoiler: right now you're the only one with a Melting All Area run). Because of that configuration, on your profile SRC thinks your Melting run is "obsoleted" by your Chicken run so it doesn't appear there by default either. It wouldn't be the case if we were using option 1 (and I have no idea if it would be the case with option 2), so really, it's 100% a cosmetic term used by SRC.

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Missouri, USA

Ah okay. I thought when it was marked as obsolete it was due to the run no longer being accepted due to rules changes or something like that. And i'm trying to fill the leaderboard out so hopefully i can help out with it not being blank everywhere if we change to #1.

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