We now have a NT speedrunning Discord server!
3 years ago

Four years after the initial release of the game and after many staff changes on this leaderboard, I decided to finally make a discord server dedicated to speedrunning Nuclear Throne, for the most part it's going to stay rather inactive and won't have many people (because it's new and the game isn't as popular anymore) but I made it just so those few people who might want to join the server and ask for help or advice on their speedruns could do so. If you need advice or have a question about the speedrun, Wonderis_#3151 will always respond to you on the server when he is online.

This is the invite to the server > https://discord.gg/TNuafre <, alternatively, you could press the "Discord" button on the left side of the leaderboard.

This server is dedicated to Speedrunning Discussion of the game, for casual play and other offtopic discussions, you can join the official Nuclear Throne server over at this link: https://discord.gg/NT

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