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3 months ago

Hi everyone, hope you're doing good !

I did a lot of researches on this forums and on the internet but it seams that this topic is not covered yet so I'll take my chances ! Since more than a year now, I speedrun NSMBW with Mini Mario and I have a lot of fun doing this because of his unique physics and abilities. Some parts of the runs have a totally new way to be done. I was wondering if anybody already tried it and if it could be possible to imagine this new category being officialized ?

The big problem of this run is the fact I need to use the Dolphin emulator to add a max item Gecko code at the beginning of the game. It allows me to use the Mini Mushroom from the start (and use it again if I eventually die). Despite this code, nothing else has been modified and (except loading times of course) it runs in theory exactly like a regular game. I know why emulators are banned ( so I was wondering if it could be possible to mod a disc to have max item too and run it on console (or maybe have a special ruleset which allows emulators for this category but I'm not so confident about it let's be honest).

To be more precise, the only rules I added to the classic speedrun are : • Before starting any level or world map enemies fight, you need to be Mini Mario using the Mini Mushroom in the inventory. • As the Low% run, you can't use any other powerup BUT checkpoints are allowed since they don't change Mario's form.

I ran mostly the Any% route but I also tried No World 5 and Cannonless routes and that was a lot of fun too ! If you're curious, I linked my best Any% run so far down below (a deathless run with a cool bombful at the 5-4). Hope this topic interested you and maybe made you want to try it ? I'll definitely keep to play it anyway if it still unnofficial but I wanted to share the idea to the community !

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks a lot for reading this and have a great day !

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theres no reason to not have this category. i think this would be a fun CE category

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@DMZL That's a really cool idea! I've never heard anything like this, and it definitely has a lot of potential. I actually feel like doing some runs of it. Also that bombful was really impressive! In my opinion, it looks like Mini% has a lot of potential and would make a great category extension (though, not a main category like Liano said).

Only problem is this: I'm pretty sure the moderators would approve of a hacked game file to start the game. They would definitely not approve of using any emulators (for various good reasons), but, like you said, a considerable option may be to mod the game on console. This could be done with a riivolution patch approved by the moderators, but such a thing does not yet exist. If it were to be made, however, it could be an exclusive downloadable riivolution mod approved by the moderators, accesible through SRC. The mod would only change mini mushroom quantity and no gameplay. I doubt this would happen, but it would make a really fun category.

Another thing I'd like to point out is bombless. I'm pretty sure that with mini mushroom you can very easily get up into bowser junior's cart and defeat him that way. With any other power-up, this is very hard to do because you have to presicely fit your big self into the small space you have above the clown car. With a mini mushroom though, your hitbox is significantly smaller and it would basically be a free trick (however, I haven't tried this, so I'm not 100% sure).

If any moderator wants to reply to this, I would definitely appreciate it. I'll definitely try out this category for fun at some point. As they say, "you do not need a leaderboard to run a category." The goal is to have fun, not be competitive (although that can be fun too).

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@Sibby18 Thanks a lot ! That's so exciting to imagine other runners trying this too ! I personally don't have much knowledge about modding so I couldn't create a patch myself but it would be interesting to know if the category extension could theoretically exist using this method !

About the bombless, I actually tried it during my trainings. It's indeed very easy to reach Bowser Junior's head while "mono-wall jumping", using his cart's collision to do it quicker. The problem is that when I was between Junior and the ceiling, I never succeed to trigger any ground pound and so, do him damage. That's why I don't use it in my run but maybe there's a way to do it properly ?

And yeah like you said, even if I'm curious about what other runners could find to optimize the run, we don't need an official leaderboard to have a fun ! (oh and by the way, really funny to realize that the Low%'s bombful's video I watched to learn the trick was yours, thanks a lot so !)

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This sounds kinda fun but I highly doubt there will be a category due to the fact that modifying the game is completely against the global rules and also I don't think there will be a lot of interest on it

The only way to make it "legit" is to do the Any% route but on a completed save file with whatever quantity of mini mushrooms in your inventory and of course starting your run as mini mario. But that would be more of a CE category in that case in my opinion but once again I don't know if there would be a lot of interest to make one

But as you said, you can just do this without having a category on the site as long you have fun doing it!

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@R0main I see what you mean. Doing mini% without completing the game first will always require modding, so essentially you would be trying to beat the game in a way the base game doesn't even allow. Even though it would be fun, it's completely cheating to modify the game. Like you said, though, it could work like Individual World RTA's where you take the route you would if each level wasn't already unlocked. Making a file with mini mushrooms loaded up in the inventory wouldn't require modding, and that's probably the closest you could get to being "legit."

@DMZL Also, I looked into modding the game for console. I couldn't figure out how to incorporate cheat codes into them (I'm sure there is a way, but it is not within my knowledge), but what I can do is edit the room in peaches castle to have a ? block with a mini mushroom for the run. This way, you could run it on a console using riivolution. It still wouldn't be legit, but for those who don't want to take the time to dump their game and set up emulator, or if their computer can't run it well enough.

If anyone wants a mod like this for console, just ask. It won't take long to make and I am fully willing to help! (I'm actually gonna make it anyway once I get around to trying this category)

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