beginners guide to 5-4 skip (external link)


Max% File

Put this on an SD card in a folder arrangement that goes "private > wii > title > SMNE > and then the file in there. This file has 99 powerups for all, all star coins, and everything else unlocked. Don't forget to take it out of the zip (direct download)

By DonutDSDonutDS


100% with Star Coin (and other) Info

100% route used by GreenUprooter during January 2018 WR. Includes extra information about which Star Coins to get in each level, when to go to the Secret Exit (Secret), when to enter Star Houses (SH), when to use Super Stars (Star), and when to enter Cannons (Cannon). Info before the level name on each split indicates that those actions need to be performed (in order) before you enter that level. (direct download)

By TimbaTimba

Any% In 24:58 (Auchgard)

Previous WR Splits, before bombless was discovered (Fade Out Timing) (external link)

By AC_Overdose

Any% In 25:28 (RaikerZ)

Previous WR splits, a decent benchmark for new players (direct download)