Why is emulator banned from the leaderboard [Answer]
4 years ago
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Please read it before making a thread about this. Any thread about emulator will be deleted from now.

Why we don't allow the emulators on the leaderboards

It's simple:

  • The community decided to ban emulators a long while ago.

  • Emulators are unnoficial releases (even if you have the game disc, emu is playing an unofficial copy of the game) and once again the community is still against allowing submissions from unofficial releases.

  • Loads are much faster and way too inaccurate than the Wii. • Even though console loads are different, it's only a few seconds of difference on them whereas on emu it's way more because not everyone has a good PC, so you can get a huge timesave/loss just from that. This would make the board extremely unfair and once again cause unnecessary drama in the forums.

  • On emulator it's too easy to cheat. You can: •modify emulation settings •use modified version of the game • record inputs (which would be classified as a Tool-Assisted Speedrun, aka a TAS). If people are wondering, "Why not just make detailed rules about it???": • Because it will change nothing. Emu have still pretty huge advantages even if we have a ruleset about them.

So please can you stop creating threads about emulators on this game? We've had the discussion tons of times and the answer will remain the same. Emu is banned on the leaderboard and that's it. And for the 10000000th time "YOU 👏 DONT 👏 NEED 👏 A 👏 LEADERBOARD 👏 TO 👏 RUN 👏 SOMETHING ". If you want to submit your run on the boards but you don't have a Wii/Wii U and/or a disc, you can buy one, these things are pretty cheap nowadays.

Also, user Toogs has created an unofficial emu leaderboard. If you would like to run on emu you can submit your runs there. (Click here to view the sheet. ) • Even if this becomes popular, emu will not be allowed on the main leaderboard due to the inaccuracy of both console and emu loads.

(Credits to @DiamondcrafterA for improving this a bit)

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