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1 month ago
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take the speedrun into a video editor and cut out every load part, idk what more efficient methods would be

also yea the mods always retime it AND this timing only applies for sub 25 times in any% (and other thresholds in other categories) so yea

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I think the mods do it

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He/Him, They/Them
1 month ago

What KilleDragon said is incorrect, we use a load retimer tool made by TheCodingBoy multiple years ago in order to remove every frame of black screen (and level banners). Using an editing tool to retime is ineffecient and inaccurate, and is never used. As Shadowbrine1 said, the mods and certain members of the Discord server will retime runs, and you do not need to worry about the methods or doing it yourself unless you feel like learning, since using the tool and sending the retime file to the mods makes the job much faster.

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