USB Loader question
2 years ago
United Kingdom

If loads are removed below a certain threshold by moderators then what difference does a USB Loader make on an official Wii? I would assume it's a bit better than straight emulation.

Sorry if this question has been asked a hundred times.

Madison, WI, USA

IT's really a mix of it not being an official release, not being as "accurate" as a disc, and the faster loads would be unfair in every other category and the majority of the any% leaderboard. So the community decided to just let runs on disc (and WiiU VC but no one uses that lmao) onto the board.

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Maine, USA

Ya but the leaderboard don't count loading times for runs any more so why ban USB loader or Emulator If that unfair time save dose not even mater I'm just wondering?

British Columbia, Canada
He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

because any time over 25 would be significantly faster, making 24 much easier, and any other longer category would gain tens of seconds or minutes of advantage