Is my ROM bad?
1 year ago
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I've been having issues with my wall jump inputs getting eaten while using an emulator. It's been consistently happening on the first wall jump in 5-2 as well as climbing up the ladder on the same screen. More frustratingly, it also happens regularly during the Jaquio fight. Earlier today I was stuck on a wall in 4-3 for several seconds while holding both jump and the dpad and Ryu just sat there. There are other times where there's just a delay before he jumps off of a ladder or wall, but because it's happening at the same points on the 5-2 screen it makes me think there's something outside of the controller.

I'm using a Buffalo classic usb gamepad. It's plugged directly into my MOBO. I've tested this on FCEUX as well as Nestopia.

Is my ROM bad? Is there something else that I should be concerned about? What are the top runners playing on an emulator using?

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I run on emulator with NES-to-USB adapter from retrousb's site. I'm using MesenRTA as suggested and really don't have issues with any lag input. I know a lot of the top runners (that use emulation) seem to use Mesen as well. I'd give that a shot see if that makes a difference.

Also, FWIW, not sure how you're doing your climbs / wall jumps and I didn't know this until MisterAves pointed it out to me but if you're holding diagonal (up-right / up-left) and try to jump the input won't register.

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Thanks. I will look into Mesen. It could be my diagonals, but I specifically use controllers that have a dpad (vs whatever you call that thing on the xbox controller) to have better control over pressing cardinal directions. I will keep that in mind for future runs.

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Another thing that can contribute to this behavior (this is especially true on the Jaquio fight, because you're also trying to slash him while you're near the wall) is that you could be holding down the slash button while trying to jump off of the wall. That could happen after you spin that gremlin in 5-2, too or (I'm guessing this is where you were) after slashing the karate guy before you climb up to the dragon cannons. You have to be hitting directly away from the wall, jump, and nothing else. I use Nestopia and have used FCEUX a little, and I don't think it's likely to be an emulator problem. Similarly, I have used iBuffalo USB controllers, and they were fine too (assuming the d-pads aren't broken or something).

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I have an ibuffalo pad and never got any problems with it. As well if you press or hold the slash button you wont be able to get off a wall. Maybe when you are doing the motion of a wall climb your pad is registering the slash button

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It can be a slew of things. But whatever it is, seems like a skipped input. So either emulation lag or controller input not being processed properly. If it happens every time in the same spot, I'd suggest trying to do something different in those spots to test whats going on to find a solution.

It COULD be the iBuffalo. I bought the original one years back and it doesn't accept dual inputs well. So like Up+Right it has a hard time with. I heard upgraded versions of the controller fixed this issue though.

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