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2 years ago

Hello all, recently took interest in speedrunning ninja gaiden as my first speedrunning game. Been practicing all levels on mesen but went into the rules and found out that the particular emulator is banned for submitting new runs. I am looking for some guidance as to what emulator would be best for running on for submittable runs, as well as if playing on the keyboard is allowed or not as it wasnt completely clear from the rules, also what should I go for as controller for running in an emulator on PC in case playing on the keyboard is not allowed (i only have a logitech xbox knock off controller, but am willing to buy a NES usb controller if needed).

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best EMU is nestopia in my opinion use what ever controller you like but for vertical mashing for boss fights a nes controller is best check out this tutorial on youtube - hope that helps

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When I emulate, I prefer FCEUX. As for controllers, I would say the best option would be to get an NES brick controller, and then an NES to USB adapter so you can use it on your PC. I have yet to find a half decent USB controller. They are usually really cheap knock-offs. Good Luck in your speedrunning adventures! You picked a tough game for your first speedrun, but stay positive and keep up with practice.

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I've found FCEUX to be laggy - Bizhawk/emuhawk is my preferred emu. The funny thing is I still use FCEUX because it works with my autosplitter and I apparently hate splitting more than I hate laggy gameplay lol


Hi Guys! Can you help me? I still don't get it. Is keyboard is allowed way to speedrun this game on emulator, or it HAS to be a gamepad?

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@Gracefulleo You are allowed to use keyboard. The only requirement is that the input device cannot permit you to press LEFT+RIGHT or UP+DOWN on the dpad at the same time, which your emulator should prevent by default.

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@Beardstrength Got it! Thank you, sir :)

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