Question About Using the Mesen Emulator
3 years ago
United States

Hey all. I'm trying to play the game in Mesen, and I have issues with the cutscene between 4-1 and 4-2. Sometimes it goes fine, but other times the game will freeze, or the cutscene graphics will be distorted, and a few times it's even caused the game to just reset.

Has anyone else had this issue in Mesen? I'm trying to decide if this is a problem on my end or a problem with the emulator that I should bring up to the developers.

Thank you!


I haven't had that issue before. I just tried it to make sure ,since I haven't played in a while, and still no issue.

Not sure if it matters, but I guess you can check if it's the latest version? 0.9.9 is the latest one.

Illinois, USA

Mesen can be finicky. I use Bizhawk for that very reason.

United States

Bizhawk, FCEUX, and Nestopia 1.4.0 are the best NES emulators. Nestopia is my preferred choice, but Mesen is not that great in my opinion. You might also want to make sure you are using a good ROM of the game

United States

Thanks guys! I did a fresh install of Mesen and haven't had the issue since. Hopefully it's gone for good. I use Mesen because it seems to have the smoothest scrolling of every other one I've tried (Windows is really bad about stuttering in emulators for some reason).

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