Longest pursuit
4 years ago
Czech Republic


What about to add misc category "longest pursuit"? It will be interesting to see, how long can someone survive (longest time = best time).

Czech Republic

Unless we ban using the bus station, I don't see the point. And banning it is kinda stupid since it's part of the game design.

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my shortest chase was 05:91 seconds i was in a race and went into cooldown at finish, after that quicc in hideout

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I used to play this game on the Xbox 360.

On the final chase, there is no cool down, so you can't "accidentally" get away and end the pursuit time when all of the cops crash themselves and disappear.

The bus station mentioned earlier is not good enough for long-term record attempts, because cops will eventually come up from the station and get on top of the buses with you, forcing you to constantly monitor the game, and perform a risky escape (without landing on cops and getting caught) before returning to the top of the buses to wait again.

The only feasible long-term strategy is to hide from the cops during the final chase, so they can't find you, but also the pursuit never stops.

I won't spoil it here, because others should have fun trying to find the right spot for this. But I can say that I did find such a spot. I would use a wired controller, and leave a heavy book resting on one of the analog sticks, so the game & controller would never time out, and I was able to let the pursuit timer run forever.

I remember the first time I successfully did this back in 2008, I let it sit for 18+ hours, and then finished the pursuit to make it official and get a fun screenshot (photograph of the TV).

I can't remember if I did it again to get a longer run. I think if I go back through my personal photos, I can see if I ever did one longer than 18 hours.

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You are wrong, there is indeed a cooldown on the final pursuit. If you happen to be able to evade the cops though you’ll get a mission failed (or something across that line) and you’ll be forced to start the pursuit again. It’s because the final pursuit is coded with having a win condition I believe, which is to jump over the bridge.


There is no way to trigger cooldown during the final pursuit.

In the PS2 Alpha leak, you could do it, but towards the end of the cooldown, the cooldown progress would jump back, never letting you truly escape.

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Ah yes, now that you mention it I remember it being a video of nlgxzef where he modded the game into the cooldown being able to finish.

United States

Yes, under normal gameplay conditions, the final pursuit will not end unless you are caught, or jump the bridge.

There are many places that seem like a good idea at first, but all of them eventually fail. Even the best cool-down spots don't work for long-term hiding, because it's like the cops can see you through the walls, and eventually creep around the corners to find you.

The place I found is not 100% perfect. I can remember now that I did try this a couple more times after I got the 18 hours, and sometimes I would would turn the TV on the next day, and find that I had been caught. Lol!

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Maybe just forbid runs from missions like the final chase on the end.

Coz I really would be glad to do runs like this. Where I may rage from getting too cocky and risked the run.

Just a thought

IMO a pursuit based category would probably need to be measured in Bounty per X amount of time with a minimum pursuit time length requirement, the bus stop and other "bugged" areas the police can't bust you would be a disadvantage to use as bounty mainly comes from combo wrecking cops.

For example Bounty Per Minute with a 30 minute pursuit length minimum.


@Niguin12 there is no such category as final pursuit speedrun so there is nothing to forbid


@TheFinalEvent97 this site doesn’t support score based leaderboards.

Shortest amount of time to reach a certain amount of pursuit bounty then? Say 10 million.


Would be a category with like 3 runs at the beginning and then it would be sitting there dead for eternity

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