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Hey guys,

can someone explain to me what exactly timebug in challenge series is and how it happens? For instance, in Challenge Series #1


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We still don't know if it affects the actual gameplay, but since many records on youtube have [No timebug] in the description, I think we can assume it doesn't.

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Thank you, Ewil. Wow, that's important and interesting information. Now, I realize my 1:55.99 of my Challenge Series #1 video is timebugged (I got this time after ~ 90 minutes). I clocked my video five times and the average amounts to 1:56.54. I only have to remember visiting the main menu after each 15th minute. Good to know for my future IL videos.

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Yeah, it really sucks.


I also checked out my videos of Challenge #3, #5 and #7 and they all are timebugged, too :( #3: 2:07.36 instead of 2:06.67 #5: 2:40.09 instead of 2:39.22 #7: 2:10.92 instead of 2:10.15

If a mod can confirm those times, I will delete these runs.

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You don't have to delete anything, we can just retime it if the bug doesn't affect the gameplay. I will test that today in Carbon (the bug is there as well). Btw, you might want to join our discord server, not many people go here ;)


But it's not proper when my video title says "1:55.99" and the actual time is 1:56.56. Then, I prefer doing like mezzahlicious with his 1:56.29. Sorry, but I hate Discord. I prefer Teamspeak. In addition, my English pronunciation is bad. I'm much better in typing English sentences than in speaking them.

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Discord is mainly chat. Kinda like modern IRC.

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If you discover timebug it usually counts as 0.995 of real time. The best way to avoid is to launch stopwatch when you start recording and restart whole map after 10mins mark. And obviously it doesnt speed up any car its just wrong time counting.

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The timebug has been fixed thanks to Grim!!!

You can find it in Resources section. Please consider using it for IL records, for yours and mods sake ;)

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Ok i will try it asap :P

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