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Run Arena: A New Multi-Game Competition!

Run Arena is a multi-game speedrun competition that starts on March 15th and lasts for 7 weeks! The competition will be on 5 PC games across 3 different formats.

Run Arena: A New Multi-Game Competition!
Published 1 month ago

Hello speedrunners. Nitro Speedrun and I are happy to announce a new multi-games competition - Run Arena!

Multi-game speedruns are an intriguing aspect of speedrunning, especially in the competitive scene. A multi-game competition offers speedrunners who typically specialize in different games an engaging arena to test their skills on unfamiliar titles, providing a level playing field for all participants!

Recent events such as the 18th edition of BIG 20, concluded on March 2nd, and the 10th edition of Ultimate Decathlon last year, serve as prominent examples of the excitement these competitions generate.


The event will happen on 5 PC games, available on different platforms and will host 3 competitions: Individual, Drafts and Teams. With that in mind, it’s not compulsory to speedrun 5 games, drafts are possible with 4 games, and teams with 3 games! The total games price should be around $20 for all 5 games including sales.

Each time on a game gives you points awarded by your time. The standings are made with all your points from the different games like you have on Athleticism' Decathlon for example.


The event starts this Friday, March 15th, and finishes on May 5th, with a full weekend for all the finals. The revealing stream will be on, or (in French) at 4pm EDT/9pm CET.


Each competition will have its own prize pool. The total initial prize pool is $1200. During the edition a Matcherino series will join the series we already have for Nitro Speedrun, so you could contribute to the prize pool if you like the event!

Other Information

More information will come with the reveal, but you can already join the action! The Nitro Speedrun Discord will be the place to have all the information in time. The Run Arena website will come on Saturday, March 16th with all the functionalities needed for this event:

We hope you’re hyped for this adventure and we will be glad to see you there!

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