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Nitro Cup: A New Kind of Speedrun Competition

Announcement of the Nitro Cup #3 on Super Mario Odyssey, after the sucess of the first two editions on Tears Of The Kingdom and Elden Ring.

Nitro Cup: A New Kind of Speedrun Competition
Published 21 days ago

In the world of speedrunning, we love playing games quickly, but we also like the spirit of competition, watching the most talented runners compete in their favorite games. With this in mind, the Nitro Speedrun staff proudly presents you a new idea: the Nitro Cup.

What is Nitro Cup?

Nitro Cup is a tournament held every three months centered around a popular game. The objective is simple: complete the game and its designated category as quickly as possible! While anyone can participate, only one contestant will emerge victorious, claiming the coveted trophy, much like Qentiko and Nuclearpastatom already did.

The event is divided into two phases. On Saturday, we have the qualifiers, which follow an LTA format. This means that participants have a set amount of time to deliver their best performance for the game. At the end of the timer, the top 7 players qualify for the next round.

Sunday features the knockout stage! The 7 players compete in the first race, with the top 5 advancing to the next round while the bottom 2 are eliminated. The same process repeats for the second race, narrowing down the field from 5 to 3 players. Finally, the third race determines the podium placements and crowns the winner of the trophy!

That sounds exciting! When is the next edition?

As you may have noticed in the previous images, there have been two different editions featuring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom and Elden Ring. The next event will focus on Super Mario Odyssey - Any% and will take place on March 23rd and 24th!

The event will be restreamed in 4 different languages, as we know from now :

If you want to participate, simply join the Nitro Speedrun Discord server for event organization at and register for the event here:

The event also features a participative cash prize. All the money goes to the top 7 runners. So, if you enjoy the event and want to support the runners, you can make a contribution to the prize pool.

I invite you to watch the final of the last Nitro Cup. The Nitro Speedrun staff and I hope to see you in March !