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Grand Theft Auto V Speedrun Tournament

Starting June 14th, top speedrunners will compete for a community funded prize pool in Grand Theft Auto V’s most popular any% segments and miscellaneous categories. Signups are open to the public until June 8th.

Grand Theft Auto V Speedrun Tournament
Published 14 days ago

Summer Segments Scramble is returning to host the third ever Grand Theft Auto V speedrun tournament! This year, up to 32 speedrunners will be competing in one on one races in the six most popular and entertaining any% segments along with three of the most popular miscellaneous categories.


  • Trevor%
  • Countryside
  • Blitz Play
  • Deep Inside
  • Fresh Meat
  • The Third Way
  • All Stunt Jumps
  • All Races
  • Epsilon Program


The first races will take place on June 14th. Most races will take place on the following Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and the tournament is expected to conclude by August 18th. Exact race times will be announced on the GTA V speedrun server once they are scheduled.

Prize Pool

Prize money consists entirely of donations from the GTA V speedrunning community over the course of the tournament. As of right now, a little over $900 has been raised so far. At the end of the tournament, prize money will be distributed as follows:

  • First Place - 45.0%
  • Second Place - 25.0%
  • Third Place - 17.5%
  • Fourth Place - 12.5%


Signups for this tournament will be open to the public until June 8th at 9:59PM UTC. Anyone is welcome to sign up, but if the cap of 32 players is exceeded, the competition will be limited to the applicants with the best GTA V speedrun personal bests.

All races for this tournament will be streamed, so any competitors must be capable of maintaining a livestream with a reliable connection.

More details about the schedule, rules, and forms to sign up are available on The GTA V Speedrun Discord Server:

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