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Community Update: Data Migration and Community Manager

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We've updated the site as part of addressing some of the performance issues; we also say farewell to Lewisandspark and welcome Meta in a new role.

Community Update: Data Migration and Community Manager
Published 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

We’re eight months into 2021 now, and we’ve enjoyed some truly incredible speedrunning in that time. We have a few updates for you today:

Site Update

We’ve also been working diligently on some changes to the site. You may have noticed the site entered a read-only state for a few hours today. This was because of a data migration taking some of the necessary steps to address some of the performance issues the site has been experiencing. We’ll be monitoring the results in the days to come.

Farewell, LewisAndSpark

Next, we have some news to share.

LewisAndSpark has decided to move on from Elo. We are grateful for all of their insights and passion in advocating for the speedrunning community. Their hard work and dedication have helped lay a solid foundation for the future of

We know LewisAndSpark will continue to do great things in future opportunities and wish them all the best!

Community Manager

Now, we are thrilled to announce that effective immediately, Cam “Meta” Enright will be stepping into a new role: Community Manager for

Many of you will recognize Meta from his previous position as Site Support Staff. He’s an active moderator, speedrunner, and has written several articles for the site as well. He’s been a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for the community and has impressed us with his work as a member of our Support Team.

In this new role, as Community Manager, Meta will be an invaluable resource for the community. He’ll be providing updates as well as being available to take questions and feedback. You can find him active across the site as well as in our community Discord.

We’re looking forward to working closely with him as we continue to improve performance across the site and develop some long-desired features and tools.

Please join us in welcoming Meta as our new Community Manager!


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